Meet Indra

Indra is virtual score software for live musical performance.

A virtual score is musical notation designed to be presented digitally, rather than on paper. Unlike notation on paper, digital notation can change in real time during a performance.

Indra is a platform, not a composition.

You can use Indra to create or perform new compositions. Indra can be used for performances of many different compositions, as well as many different performances of the same composition.

Most importantly, Indra is collaborative and interactive.

A composer creates a collection of musical ideas that are passed along to a conductor, who passes them along to the musicians in the ensemble during the performance over a wireless network.

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Download Indra (v0.9.4)

Quick Start Guide (for Performers)
User Manual (for Composers and Conductors)
Technical Paper (from the TENOR 2021 Conference Proceedings)

Installation Instructions
1. Download the latest version of Max (Cycling ’74). (You do not need to purchase a license to run Indra.)
2. Use the download link above to save Indra to your computer (Mac or PC). Unzip the file.
3. Open Max and add the folder or directory where you saved Indra to the File Preferences. (Options -> File Preferences; use the + button to add, making sure the Subfolders box is ticked.)
4. Download the bach, cage, dada, and zero packages from the Package Manager. (File -> Show Package Manager.)
5. Open the appropriate patch in the Indra folder: composer, conductor, or performer.

Version History

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